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Digitizing Immigrant Letters

Digitizing Immigrant Letters

This project aims to make available on-line digitized letters from the IHRC Archives and other collections (private individuals, partner institutions) that were written between 1850 and 1970 both by immigrants (the so-called "America letters") and to immigrants ("homeland letters"). The website encourages scholars, teachers, students and the public to interpret letters that express emotion and intimacy among loved ones separated by migration.

Browse letters by clicking on the links below (language of letters indicated in parentheses):

    Letters from the Demetrios Callimachos Papers (Greek)
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  Letters from the Diego Delfino Papers (Italian)
  Letters from the Alexander Granovsky Papers (Ukrainian)

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Letters from the Grebenstchikoff Papers (Russian)

  Hittiletter Letters from the Philip Hitti Papers (Arabic)  
  Letters from the Paul Kovac Collection (Slovak) Map with locations of letter writers and recipients
    Letters from the Anton Nemanich Papers (Slovenian)
  Letters from the Edward Paikens Papers (Latvian)


  Panucevich Letters from the Vaclau Panucevich Papers (Belarusian) Survey of Minnesota repositories with immigrant letters (2010)
  Petris Letters from the Antonietta Petris Collection (Italian)
Other collections of letters on-line
    Letters from the Zdenka Rypka Papers (Czech) Forum about letters digitization
    Letters from the Alessandro Sisca Papers (Italian)
    Letters from the Mike Vukasinovich Papers (Croatian)
    Wehle Letter Letters from the Emilie Wehle Collection (German)
  America Letters written by immigrants from Finland (Finnish)

All letters digitized as part of the project can also be searched here.

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